The Oceans High School Story

" A Unique Quest for Academic Excellence"

Oceans High School was established in 1983 to meet the unique needs of students who are disabled, schooled at home, or otherwise unable to attend regular high school classes. We work hard to be the very best school, and meet your needs.

Our high school has all Florida certified teachers. When possible we recommend dual enrollment. You can take the same courses for high school and college credit. We offer counseling as we are always ready to help you with your plans. A disability won't stop you at Oceans High School. Simply tell us your disability and you can take the special high school test. Your education is important to us. You can be tested for a regular or special diploma. Home schoolers are welcome. We take students from any community, state or nation.

Oceans High School Principal is Ray A. Cates, Jr., BAE and MA, University of Florida. Mr. Cates is licensed in Volusia County and Port Orange, Florida.

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To contact us:

Phone: 352-236-4406 or 352-239-1289
Fax: 352-629-1573

2024 S.E. 8th Street
Ocala, Florida 34471